Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exciting news for a shopoholic!!

So I read the other day that an outlet mall is in the works for OKC. It will be at I-40 and Council Road. They're saying it will have Coach, Nike, and Off Saks Fifth Avenue Factory Stores and many more I'm sure!

I couldn't find anywhere that it said when it would be opening. But they did say they are expecting it to be in about 22 months... Regardless, I'm way excited! And I think this would be a GREAT thing for the metro!

The closest outlet mall right now is in Gainesville, TX. So this would save us money AND bring money into the state and area. So excited!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dallas Trip with the Girls!

This past weekend me and three of my best friends went to Dallas. We stayed at the W hotel downtown and were treated like royalty! We met up with some friends, one of which works for the Dallas Cowboys. So needless to say, we were VIP at every bar and we had a limo taking us everywhere! And we didn't pay a dime for any of it except our hotel room. This was probably the best trip I've ever been on! We had so much fun and it was completely drama-free! Here are some pictures! :)

PS: If you've never seen the W hotel, then google it for sure! It's sooo beautiful! Their pool is on the 16th floor, it's awesome!!

What's that green goo on the bottom of my shoe?

My least favorite thing that happens on campus is when I'm walking and start to feel one of my shoes slipping when it scuffs along the sidewalk... And I immediately know that i have fallen victim to the green-pooping monsters.

Canada Geese. Not to be confused with "Canadian" Geese, which in fact do not exist. They're all over UCO campus. And their poop is green and everywhere also. The bad thing about this is that it blends in with the grass. I average stepping in it at least a few times every semester.

But what I'm wondering is... Why is it green? Is it something they're drinking/eating? If so, what's in Brocncho Lake? Everyone always jokes about how nasty Broncho Lake is... Maybe there's something to these rumors.

Anyone know?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Okie Oil Change....

So I went to Jiffy Lube yesterday to get an oil change and have them check on fluids and such before I go on a road trip this weekend.

I'll be honest, I've never taken care of car maintenance myself. My Grandad has taken care of all of my families cars for my entire life. So I chartered unknown territory as I drove onto their lot.

Then my patience was put to the test when the mechanic kept coming in with things he needed to change and this and that. I'm no fool. I knew this guy was trying to take advantage of this seemingly unaware young, little, dumb blonde as he told me of the costs included with all the repairs he was recommending.

I called my mother and was promptly put on the phone with my Grandfather whom asks to speak to the mechanic. They exchanged words about the extent of work he was to do on my car. He informed the mechanic that I came in for an oil change and that's all, and that he would have his trusted mechanic handle everything else when I was next in Tulsa.

He backed down and said ok to it all. And I thought all was well.

The line was crossed when he came in to start the payment process and said, " Alright young lady, let's see what we got here. By the way, how old are you?"

I just stared at him and finally said, "Now what does that have to do with anything?" He responded "Er, um, nothing, your grandpa just kinda got onto me there."

That was totally out of my character to respond in such a way but I was just so angry with being treated that way. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Hopefully he'll think twice before he treats another young lady like a dumb child with daddy's credit card.

My Sunday evenings are now taken...

Finally the time has come for my favorite TV show to come back to me. True Blood Season 3 premiered last Sunday evening. I was so excited I thought I might pee myself! Me and three of my best friends gathered together to watch.

We waited in anticipation to find out: where Bill has been, how Sookie will find him, who it was that took him, why Jessica killed a trucker, how crazy Tara is going to go when she finds out Eggs is dead, what kind of mood Jason is going to be in this season, etc.

True to form, the season premiere was action-packed and left our mouths watering for what week 2 will hold for us. One thing's for sure.. things are definitely heating up in Bon Temps and I can't wait to see what's in store! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Counting every bite..

So I've heard that in order to lose just ONE POUND you have to cut 3,000 calories. So I've downloaded this application on my Iphone called "MyFitnessPal". You can keep a running update of all the food and drinks you intake every single day. You can also record any workouts you do and it will subtract those burned calories from your total day's calories.

So far I've lost 5 pounds... Although I really can't see where they were taken from. But I'll get there!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summertime and the living is easy...

... Until you find a job. Fortunately for me, my newfound employment isn't going to be too tough! Last week I got a job working at the snack bar at Rose Creek's pool. Rose Creek is a gated golf course community located at 178th and May. I've already done my training and am set to go! The snack bar is fully equipped with everything from snacks to hamburgers to mixed alcoholic drinks. I get to hang out with some fun people and it's not too stressful! We also get good tips on top of our hourly wages. I'm thinking I'm going to really like it, at least until I can find a more permanent job! :)